Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring 2009 - One to Remember

Spring 2009 will be one of my most memorable semesters at the j-school. I enjoyed all the laughs and experiences working with everyone at the Ranger and in News Photo I. Although I may not be joining those enrolled in News Photo II next semester, I will not allow myself to somehow be excluded from more good times to come. Hope everyone had as much fun as I have! See you next semester? count on it.

Here's some from the Source Awards:


  1. Yes. Use your camera as a tool as a notebook, a diary, a reportage, an idea box, an reflection of life and finally, a memoir.

    It is a very effective and efficient tool for collecting a life's memory. Nothing is more vivid and tasteful.

  2. Dr. Lo, I could not agree more. I've begun to fill my box of memories with photo albums and CDs from these months at SAC. And I can't wait to record more moments this summer and next fall!