Thursday, April 23, 2009

History quiz tips

Photo folks, for your history quiz, you need to know about the following:

1. The earliest experience of wire-photo transmitted by news agency.
2. The first magazine that use photo extensively to report stories of daily life of American and the people in the world.
3. What is FSA stands for? What did this organization do to mark an important history of photojournalism?
4. What did Margaret Bourke White took pictures of after WWII that made her said, “Using the camera was almost a relief. It interposed a slight barrier between myself and the horror in front of me."?
5. A photo exhibition took place at Museum of Modern Art during early 1955 that kicked off the importance of documenting ordinary human life. Who organized the event and what exactly is the event about?
6. In 1950s, two famous photographers chose to use camera to document the “real world” as it was instead of fantasy. They rejected perfect lighting and composition. Hit the street and focus on less noticed people and culture collision.
7. In 1955, a black boy in Chicago was brutally murdered by two white men. What was the detail of the incident and why did it make the history of photojournalism?
8. Black photographer Gordon Park was hired by FSA in the early 1940s. What was his first experience in the FSA and what make him famous in the photojournalism history?
9. What happened to the photos of American soldiers landing on Normandy? Why were there only a few photos left in the world? Who took those photos?
10. What makes Vietnam war so different from the wars that American involved afterward in terms of photographic reporting?
11. In the “American Photography” video, it cited 4 photos that changed the history. What are they?
12. Politician Gary Hart lost his Democratic nomination as presidential candidate in 1988, what was the main reason?
13. In June 1994, Time and Newsweek both published the same photo as their cover on the same week. What was that photo and why was it so well known in photojournalism history?

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