Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tips on ethics quiz

Ethics quiz study directions

1. According to the author, what are the frameworks for making ethical decision?

2. Edward Keating, Pulitzer prize-winning photographer for the New York Times, was fired because of doing what?

3. What is the code of ethics listed by National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)?

4. What did photographer Boris Yaro said to another photographer who tried to stop him while he was taking photos of Robert Kennedy dying on the ground after being assassinated?

5. As a photojournalist, what is the difference in ethical arguments behind chasing Monica Lewinsky (Clinton’s scandal) and some Hollywood celebrities?

6. Why shouldn’t we pay subjects for letting us to take their photos?

7. What should you do while taking up photo assignment of a funeral?

8. Renowned photographer Eddie Adams took a photo that publicly considered as changing public opinion about the Vietnam War, what was that photo about?

9. When Life magazine photographer Flip Schulke was shooting a civil right march led by Martin Luther King in Alabama and saw some black kids was being shoved to the ground by police, he stopped shooting but dragging the kids away. What did Dr. King told him at that moment?

10. The author mentioned several times about “breakfast test” in describing ethical standards in publishing photos. What is the term means?

11. In a 1975 photo of woman and a child falling off a collapsing fire escape, despite a strong disapproval of publishing the photo from the readers, some major benefit was acquired by publishing the photo. What was the benefit?

12. What did the Website of Best of Photojournalism contest do to an award-winning photo showing a half-naked woman being sexually assaulted by a crowd at Mardi Gras in order to protect the identity of the victim?

13. What did National Geographic magazine do to a 1982 cover photo of the pyramids of Giza?

14. Charlotte Observer photographer Patrick Schneider, Los Angeles Times photographer Brian Walski, Reuters Lebanese freelance photographer Adnan Hajj, and Toledo Blade photographer Allan Detrich were all end up being fired by their companies. What exactly did they do to their photos?

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