Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Landscape Film Pictures

Ok, so I know I was going to work on my paper but I just found these pictures I took with an old film camera and wanted to post them!

This photo is supposed to look like that, I had to use tea to stain the photo for an assignment that I was doing but the picture is kind of sad and lonely. 

This is just a waterfall in the backyard of one of my friends houses in New York. I took pictures of this waterfall at different angles and depending on which angle I was at, it looks like a completely different time of the day as you will see in the following pictures. 

This picture and the next are taken around the same time and I think the glare from the sun adds a spooky mystery to the photo when it's in black and white. 

Not to much to say about this one, the sun caught the lens and added the glare but it draws my eye to bend in the stream and you wonder what's around the other side. 

I just personally love this picture. I love the reflection of the sun off the water and I like that the drop of the falls is dark and you see the water coming down.

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