Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainy Night

It's now 1:44 a.m., and I'm posting from my home on Jack Bean St. while sitting by the dying fire, listening to the rain. Just read a great ending chapter on John Updike's memoir, "Self Consciousness:" "On Being A Self Forever." Updike was an American novelist/essayist who contributed to the New Yorker in the 1950s, dying on Jan 27 at the age of 76.

He quotes Emerson who said, " a thread runs through all things: all worlds are strung on it, as beads: and men, and events, and life, come to us, only because of that thread."

Updike expressed that truth and love cannot be forced emotions, and that a more complete and honest sense of "self" can only manifest itself from exposure to the world around us. This is something that many of us as photojournalists may already know, and should remind ourselves of as we interact with people and the world; remembering to observe our own feelings, thinking about how we are changed in some way, what we learned, and how we grow.

Just something I wanted to throw out there.

Not sure which one I like most, out of focus or in focus rain...any opinions?


  1. Hi Tyler,

    Great job. I am about to wonder why people are not posting photos they took during the past few days. I am glad that you do that. Photography to us should be a life style, we live in it. We feel our existence with relation to the environment, and we put it in a graphic tangible form with camera - to me, this is photography.

    I like the both photos that shows the rain drops.

    Keep posting.

    Dr. Lo

  2. Thanks Dr. Lo, I couldn't agree more; We as photojournalists need to live with an active mindset- to constantly relate what we see with how we feel, striving to take photographs that express that emotion. And to share them with others, c'mon fellow classmates! :P