Wednesday, March 25, 2009

so this is the lead singer of a band from Israel called the monotonics, i saw them in Austin @ SXSW they had to be one of the worst bands iv ever herd but man did they put on a good show. the lead singer through the bass drum into the crowd climbed on top and began to sing.  if only i could have plugged my ears & just watch, i would have thought wow what a great band i wish i could here them, but that wasn't the case i did here them & that was the only draw back to their show.  i did how ever see & here lots of other great bands from Metallica to DEVO yes DEVO who rocked out so hard. but ill save that for another blog.    

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  1. Josh,
    I am not sure whether this is an assignment you were assigned for the Ranger or it is so happen that you had took it on your own and Trisia asked you for it. If it is a Ranger assignment, you will have to credit the Ranger the way I listed on the title of this blog.