Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Day

It's not like the old days. People aren't reading the paper like they used to, and newspapers around the country are shutting down, while some are terminating print and going exclusively online.

Today was the last day of work for seventy-five Express-News journalists, including several of my most admired staff photographers. I'm not exactly sure of all who are being laid off, though they will surely be missed.

Some of the best photos, the news clippings I have tacked on my wall, came from those photographers. The clippings were hung to inspire me, to remind me of what can be achieved only by hard work and perseverance. These photographers have motivated my determination for success, and they continue to teach me, regardless of their absence from the page.

They will pick themselves up and dust off the economic woes, grabbing their camera and going back to work.

Several have decided to freelance. Photojournalist Mark Sobhani made a website for potential clients, detailing wedding and portrait rates. Mark is an A-1 photographer, and an amazing photojournalist. He and many others were undeservingly forced to abandon their family at the Express, forced to avoid further abandoning what defines them and doing what they love to support their families.

Mark Sobhani at the Express,

When I mentored with William Luther, I felt the comradery among that photo team, of which every member felt so grateful to be a part of the others' lives. It reminds me of what I have felt working with those at The Ranger and in our News Photo One class, those who are as passionate about the job and the success of yourself and others as you are.

This must not be made less eminent in our minds, we cannot begin to stop motivating each other, to lend a helping hand or communicate our feelings about this career. This positive and supportive element of my classmates and mentors is what keeps me as a student working hard, and without that element, I find myself less motivated or doubting my own abilities.

Send a kind word to the Express-News photo staff by e-mailing them or writing on their blogs. We as photojournalism students must continue to support and learn from each other during these doubt-filled times. I find myself struggling to maintain an unwavering dedication to this work, although I love photojournalism and will work my hardest to make it, the effort and end results must be reciprocated; who takes pictures only for their own eyes?

Some current and remaining staffers (all have a facebook, too):

Billy Calzada's Blog, video and stills

Kin Man Hui, former Ranger staff

Lisa Krantz, amazing amazing amazing

Nicole Fruge, see for yourself....

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